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Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Plantation Shutters

Energy efficiency is a term that is used frequently these days. We all want our homes to use the least possible energy and still...

How Shutter Hinges Can Influence Your Design

    The hinge seems like the most boring part of the shutter; does anyone even notice them? The answer is, yes! Hinges are...

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The (Unofficial) Origins of Plantation Shutters

Due to the quality and superior design of our plantation shutters, you may wonder if we invented the plantation shutter. As flattering as it...

Make Your Home Your Own With Custom Shutters

It could be in the Arizona desert, the Montana mountains or the Florida Keys. Or maybe it is somewhere like downtown Chicago, the East...

Custom Shutters, Made of American Basswood

What do you know about wood? Ok so that might be a bit of a trick question, it is kind of like asking someone...

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