Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With Plantation Shutters

Energy efficiency is a term that is used frequently these days. We all want our homes to use the least possible energy and still be comfortable in every season. As homeowners, we are more aware of ways that we can improve our home’s energy efficiency and look for overlooked areas of energy loss. I’m sure you have sat next to a drafty window in the winter, and felt the chill of inefficient weatherization. Or, in the summer, sat next to a window in your favorite reading chair, only to be roasted by the sun streaming in. If you have never considered plantation shutters as a great step in increasing your home’s efficiency, let us show you how significant custom shutters can be in your comfort, efficiency and affordability!

inner3333Stop Drafts in the Winter

Windows can be one of the leakiest areas in the home, and they can be responsible for making you uncomfortable during the winter months. Have you ever watched your curtains or drapes in the winter blowing in the unwanted breeze through your closed windows? Our plantation shutters can stop these drafts, and closing the shutters makes the window area way more efficient. Close your shutters overnight, and block out those cold winds and keep in your warm air. Sure, you could apply plastic to your windows, but who wants to look at plastic covered windows all winter? Plus, with plastic you need to remove it every summer and then reinstall new plastic the next winter. This is not only unattractive, but takes up precious time and money. Our plantation shutters solve this problem by permanently giving you a beautiful solution to keeping your windows draft-free.

Keep Out the Summer Heat

As uncomfortable as drafty windows can be in the winter, the summer can be just as miserable with inefficient windows. The summer sun can be brutal, and will blaze right through a thin curtain. Plantation shutters solve this problem of the summer heat; you can keep them open until the hottest part of the day, and then shut them to keep your home cool. Go ahead and sit in your favorite chair by the window in the summer; when you have your shutters closed you can stay cool and comfortable. Plantation shutters are the solution to the changing seasons, and you are in control of when they are opened or closed. Plus, they are beautiful, classic and elegant!

Save Money!

Being able to stop winter drafts and summer heat inside your home can equate to more money in your pocket! If you are not heading for the thermostat every hour in the winter, or turning on the air conditioning every day in the summer, you will save on your energy bills. Plantation shutters are a great option for lowering your heating and cooling costs, all done stylishly and beautifully.


Use Fewer Resources!

Everyone wants to have a greener home – one that uses less of our Earth’s precious resources. Along with saving money, reducing the use of your home’s heating and cooling systems will conserve electricity and gas, all while keeping you comfortable. Making a great choice for your home with plantation shutters will also be a great choice for the environment. Save money, conserve resources, and install plantation shutters in your home today!
If your home is feeling drafty in the winter, and like an oven in the summer, plantation shutters on your windows could make a big difference. Contact Custom Shutters today to start planning your perfect shutter design, and see how plantation shutters can make you more comfortable in your home.