How Shutter Hinges Can Influence Your Design




Shuttersbody2The hinge seems like the most boring part of the shutter; does anyone even notice them? The answer is, yes! Hinges are like an accessory for your shutters, and changing the hinge finish can change the look of your custom wood shutters. We offer not only a wide range of shutter styles, but we also offer hinges in white, almond, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, nickel, bright brass and stainless steel. Read on to see how each of these hinge finishes can complement and highlight your beautiful new shutters.

Highlighting or Hiding

Are you wanting to draw attention to the finish of your hinges, or have them fade away and not be as noticeable? Deciding whether to highlight or camouflage your hinges is the first step in your decision making process. If you have a large wall of bright white shutters, you may want to choose a matching white hinge that will not break up the flow of the shutters. If you choose to add in an antique brass or nickel hinge, the hinges will all become visible and stand out instead of recede. Conversely, on dark wood shutters the oil rubbed bronze is a great choice for a hinge color that will blend in. It is a matter of personal preference whether or not you want your hinges to be the focal point.

Matching Existing Hardware

Shuttersbody1If you are installing shutters into a room that already has a strong finish color in the existing hardware, it is a good idea to match what is already there. If your kitchen has antique brass pulls on the cabinets, an antique brass faucet, and antique brass light fixtures, it would be a good idea to choose antique brass for your hinge color. Creating continuity in the color of your finishes will make the design of your room cohesive and visually pleasing. Maybe installing new shutters will be the push you need to update all of the existing hardware in your room! Choose the color hinge you like best, and be on your way to a beautiful new room!


Design trends are constantly changing, and what is “hot” today might be “not” tomorrow. If you feel that a certain finish color looks outdated, go with what seems modern and exciting to you. Gold finishes have been on the rise, after seeming out of date for many years. Our bright brass may add the touch of modernity your shutters need. Stainless steel has endured for many years as a modern, industrial choice; this also could be the hinge color for you! Whatever color you choose, know that you are purchasing a great product that will make the windows in any room look amazing!

Shuttersr-CTACreating a Feeling

Yes, even your shutter design can instill emotion into a room. If your goal is to have a light, airy vibe, choosing a matching hinge color to your shutters can help the shutters hold less visual weight, and open up the room. For a more formal feeling, dark oil-rubbed brass hinges convey the history and formality that usually are found in older rooms. While you don’t always need to match your hinge color to your shutters, too much clashing can lead to a room that doesn’t feel as peaceful.


As you can see, shutter hinges are a small part of your custom wood shutters, but can have a big impact on the overall style and design of your room. Look through our selection of hinges and shutters, and pick the match that speaks to the design of your room. Whatever your choice, you are sure to love your new custom wood shutters!