The (Unofficial) Origins of Plantation Shutters

Due to the quality and superior design of our plantation shutters, you may wonder if we invented the plantation shutter. As flattering as it may be, the experts at Custom Shutters did not invent the plantation shutter, we just perfected the process. Getting a set of plantation shutters from Custom Shutters has never been easier. You simply measure your windows using our comprehensive measuring guide, choose the paint color and hardware, and within a specified timeframe you will have beautiful plantation shutters hanging in your windows.

Beautiful plantation shutters in specialty shapes by Custom ShuttersThe origins of plantation shutters is sketchy at best but, there are caves in Northern France with cave paintings depicting a louvered type object being dropped to the earth from a domed round object. Researchers are not quite sure what the object is, but there has been widespread speculation that it may be a UFO. It is also believed that the window design of a curved arch atop a pair of windows is the result of this mythology. Archaeologists have recently uncovered what they believe to be an ancient plantation shutter manufacturing facility in the famed Egyptian Valley of the Kings. Newly translated hieroglyphics indicate that the pharos and everyday Egyptians alike, prefered plantation shutters for their window coverings. The evidence suggests that, in the time before the pyramids, Nile crocodile skin was dried into slats and mounted in the windows of local homes. The Egyptians dreamstime_xxl_4995767could then regulate light in their homes. It is believed that this revelation inspired a simple, Egyptian baker to invent sliced bread, changing the world forever.

It is unknown exactly when, but the plantation shutter design eventually made its way to Europe during the dark ages. The advanced design of the plantation shutters inspired Leonardo Da Vinci to begin experimenting with physics and inventions, basically beginning the Renaissance period. The age of enlightenment was truly a time of great ideas that continue today. Shutters as window coverings became commonplace in Europe and eventually made their way to the New World. The Spanish brought them to the Southern colonies and from there they spread like wildfire throughout the entire country.  

This is a condensed version of the history of plantation shutters and may not be entirely accurate. What is accurate is the quality of our plantation shutters from Custom Shutters. Please contact us today and bring the classic beauty of plantation shutters into your home. No time like the present!