Make Your Home Your Own With Custom Shutters

dantoparchesIt could be in the Arizona desert, the Montana mountains or the Florida Keys. Or maybe it is somewhere like downtown Chicago, the East Village in New York City or maybe even West Hollywood. Wherever it is, it is your home. A diverse space that you have made your home. A home can mean a lot of things, and depending on where you are, a home can mean many different things. At Custom Shutters we understand that your home is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Your interior space is part of your identity, it elicits certain feelings and always manages to project a sense of warmth and safety. Nothing projects those feelings like plantation shutters on your windows.

Beautiful plantation shutters in specialty shapes by Custom ShuttersIf you look back over the mid-20th century, style became a very important part of the home. It was then that creating a unique space for yourself became a reality for everyone, not just the wealthy. Things like linoleum and chrome became common in households everywhere and window coverings were primarily drapes or the beginnings of what we know of as horizontal blinds. These blinds are the precursor to what will become a national obsession with the cheap, plastic blinds that sadly, hung from windows all over the country. This is where most of us find ourselves when we buy a home for the first time, staring down a set of cheap, big-box-store blinds.

It is common that the focus of a home be on the hardwood flooring or the cabinets in the kitchen, but window coverings are often overlooked. When making your home into a personal reflection of your style, it is critical to get rid of those cheap plastic horizontal blinds and replace them with a set of plantation shutters from Custom Shutters. Turn your home into the kind of place that is featured in travel magazines; because when have you ever seen cheap, plastic, blinds in travel magazines? The answer is never, unless of course it is historical photos of the living conditions in Soviet Bloc Russia at the height of the cold war.

Hemingway had them, Bogie had them, and even John Wayne watched the sun go down through the iconic louvers of a set of plantation shutters. It is within your reach to have a set of gorgeous, custom-made plantation shutters from Custom Shutters. Be sure and ask us how today and make your home your own.