Custom Shutters, Made of American Basswood


The process of creating your custom plantation shutters.What do you know about wood? Ok so that might be a bit of a trick question, it is kind of like asking someone what they know about cars. Almost all of us drive one and have opinions about them, but in reality, most of us do not know how to disassemble an engine. That is generally the way it is with wood. We all know that it looks awesome, it is a classic material with loads of style and it is unique. Unique in the fact that the grain of the wood is never the same when it comes to patterns. That is what gives wood such a warm, inviting quality. At Custom Shutters we exclusively use North American basswood for our plantation shutters.

Real American Wood

dreamstime_xxl_12167556If you are like a lot of consumers, you know that American basswood is just that, a type of wood. What you may not know is that it is the ideal species of wood to build custom shutters with. Why you may ask? The obvious answer is that it is from America and a fully sustainable resource. Our wood is harvested, replanted and does what trees do, gives off oxygen into the atmosphere. The other blinds that are made of plastic smashed together to look like wood, they are not made of sustainable materials, unless you have ever seen a grove of plastic trees. I know there aren’t any in Texas, that’s for sure.

Basswood Rocks

Basswood is characterized by its delicate grain and neutral color, making it the ideal wood to stain or paint. The lighter the wood, the better it takes the stain and the more beautiful the result. Basswood is also a very popular material for making solid-body electric guitars. If it is good enough for Jimi Hendrix it is good enough for us.