Plantation Shutters for New Construction


So you are on the fence about plantation shutters for your new home build. You have been going back and forth between the mid-1980’s look of horizontal blinds, the mid 90’s look of vertical blinds and the classic timeless beauty of authentic plantation shutters. I guess you can guess which style we prefer. At Custom Shutters we are committed to providing you with the finest quality plantation shutters available. Not that we have anything bad to say about those other blinds, we have been making custom plantation shutters for the past 35 years and have not changed a thing.

Do Not Cut Costs On Your Blinds

leierWhen building a new home, sometimes it is easy to overlook the fact that cutting costs on things like window coverings will eventually come back to bite you. It is ok, things like blinds and plantation shutters are generally the first thing to go when it comes to cutting cost on a new build. The thing to remember is, if you get the best possible window coverings at the beginning, they will last much longer. Installation and matching your plantation shutters to your wants and need is so much easier when you decide during the initial build.  

The Custom Shutter Advantage

Custom Shutters will be proud to paint your plantation shutters to your exact paint color, but what if you haven’t decided on the paint color yet? Simple, we will paint your shutters with a white that can be painted along with the rest of the interior. Deciding on whether or not to choose longer lasting plantation shutters before your finish out the windows, opens up all sorts of options. The trim around your windows can be altered before you order your shutters and everything will appear seamless. If you are building a home and can’t decide which sort of window covering you would like, feel free to browse our gallery for inspiration and please let us know if you have any questions.

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