Happy Halloween!

dreamstime_xxl_33873590It is Halloween; we tend to think about things a little different this kind of year. Almost everyone loves the weather and the light is really nice in the evening. Speaking of light, wouldn’t your home look spectacular in the waning evening light through a set of custom plantation shutters? Of course they would! And at Custom Shutters we make the finest plantation shutters available. We can match them to any stain or color you wish; add some custom hardware or trim and you have a gorgeous set of shutters, built to your specifications.

Let’s Have Some Fun!

In keeping with the Halloween spirit we thought a bit of fun was in order. We decided to compile a comprehensive list of things that make you shudder. Not shutters… shudders. The small quake that infects one when a slight twinge of fear or disgust is realized. Of course that is not the technical definition, but you get the idea. So here are the things that make people shudder, in no particular order.  


  1. photo(3)Pet Selfies: People obsessively taking pictures of themselves is bad enough, add a chihuahua with a snaggle tooth and you have a disaster.
  2. Fruit On Pizza: Admittedly, some people like pineapple on pizza but Marco Polo would not approve.
  3. Leonardo Dicaprio: Love him or hate him the dude has a life that you never will.
  4. Ski Hats In the Summer: Come on man, it’s SUMMER, SUMMER!
  5. Fitness Trackers: Thanks for telling me how little I actually do.
  6. Self-Driving Cars: Much like Leonardo Dicaprio, self-driving cars are something that society is not ready for yet.
  7. Artisan Cheese/Beer/Clothing: The artisan thing is great but haven’t we had enough?   


Speaking of shudder (or shutters or wherever we are going with this) do you shudder when you look at your cheap plastic blinds? It’s like Halloween itself threw up on your windows. Get your quote for custom plantation shutters today!

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