The Ease of Installation

bathThe thing about plantation shutters is the fact that it is not always easy to picture how they will be installed. Not all windows are created equal and the windows in your home could be many different kinds of configurations, mountings, and appearances. That being said, at Custom Shutters we have seen pretty much everything and we have devised a solution for each challenge that mounting your blinds provides. Throughout our 35-year history we have engineered the correct mounting for almost any window shape and configuration.

Special Considerations

dantoparchesA concern of some of our customers is if they have tilt-in windows for cleaning. These windows are extremely convenient and if our shutters are mounted incorrectly they will negate an integral feature of your windows. This is where our custom operations comes in, we can evaluate and engineer a solution for your windows. That is the beauty of ordering custom plantation shutters from Custom Shutters, we will never leave you hanging. Our support team will offer advice and technical guidance if you have any issues installing your blinds. We like to think that this division of Custom Shutters is what truly sets us apart from the big-box stores. When you buy your cheap plastic blinds from the 17-year-old behind the counter, you really should not be expecting support from the point of purchase.            

It Is So Easy!

Installation of our plantation shutters is generally a very easy undertaking and you will notice the superior craftsmanship when you open the box. We have provided comprehensive instructions as to how to mount your shutters to any window configuration. The advantage is, the fact that every detail of your plantation shutters is custom made to your specifications for the perfect fit and finish every time. Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions about installing custom shutters in your home.  

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