Plantation Shutters, Built on Quality


dreamstime_xl_11001227We talk a lot about quality here at Custom Shutters, and why shouldn’t we? That is what we are all about. Providing you with the finest plantation shutters available, all without having the hassle of going to the store. We know you hate it, the throngs of people, the long lines at the checkout. The worst is having to deal with someone who has no idea what they are talking about when it comes to window coverings. You know, the kid with a tattoo on his neck that tries to talk intelligently about what will work for your windows. The thing is, all of those stores treat you like they know better than you do what will fit on your windows and what will work best for you. Honestly, how can they?

The Process

The process that we use at Custom Shutters is as simple as it is making up your mind. Well, for some of us making a decision is not that simple. We make it easier. Measure, choose your colors and put them up. That’s all there is to our plantation shutters.  

No Compromise

shutterstock_114673246(1)That being said, we in no way compromise on quality. In fact we use the finest materials available to build our plantation shutters. We utilize skilled craftsman to bring your blinds to life. The wood that all of our plantation shutters is made out of is basswood, not some plastic amalgamation of what appears to be wood. The fake stuff is not good enough for us and we feel that our customers deserve the best materials available.  

Ultra Custom

Need shutters to fit into an arched window? Well you are in luck! Custom Shutters truly means custom and we can accommodate pretty much any window shape out there. So give us a call, get those measurements in and get started!