The Art of Custom Shutters


As you may know, at Custom Shutters we take great pride in the fact that we cut, paint, design and create our custom shutters in the USA—Texas to be exact. The process is incredibly easy and if you thought that you could never afford a real set of plantation shutters, think again. We build each custom shutter to the precise standards that you expect, with the hardware that you expect and in the color you expect. We do not believe in getting merely close, we are able to match up (almost) any sort of color that you desire. Want a cheery black stain for your teenager’s room? Send in a piece of her favorite black picture frame for reference and we can match it!


hingesMaterials are very important to us, as is craftsmanship. A proper wood in the hands of an experienced craftsman can turn parts into a work of art. That is how we feel about our plantation shutters, functional pieces of art that not only exude beauty but enhance the design of your home. Your window coverings are typically the most overlooked part of your home decor. We all know the standard, cheap plastic blinds or shutters that match the ones at the gas station on the corner. It is our goal to offer an alternative to the mediocre.

Class and Elegance

If you believe in having the best, Custom Shutters is your answer to all of the cheap, plastic blinds out there. You take pride in your home and we want to provide that little bit of class and elegance to your windows. With our custom plantation shutters, you will truly be proud of your home. So if you are ready to begin the process, please take a moment to read over our measurement guide. Measure your windows, send your specifications to us and we will give you a quote as fast as possible! Sound easy?