Custom Shutters, Classic Elegance


Have you ever tried to make something from scratch? In today’s society, we really don’t make anything anymore, unless you are the person who makes things for people who don’t make things anymore. (Wait what?) The point is, it is rare that you are able to buy a custom item for your home. That is what Custom Shutters is able to provide. Custom plantation shutters made to your specifications, right here in the USA for the last 37 years. How can you argue with that?


dreamstime_xxl_12895736In this age of boxed-up Scandinavian furnishings, it is rare that something as seemingly insignificant as blinds or shutters are made by hand. Make no mistake however, blinds and window coverings are an often overlooked part of your decor. That is probably why your blinds currently consist of cheap, plastic, big-box store examples of sadness. Think about it, you really don’t know how good your home can look with a set of custom plantation shutters. The classic, elegant look of plantation shutters will completely transform the inside of your home, adding an aura of old world charm. That being said, if your home is filled with Scandinavian, divorce inducing  furniture the modern look of Custom Shutters will complement that theme perfectly.

Functional Art

gallery12The bottom line is, we make them in our factory in Texas, to your exact specifications. It is truly the best of both worlds. You get a handmade, unique piece of functional art, made to your exact specifications that will accent the beauty of your home for generations. We believe in providing our clients with the finest plantation shutters available and ensuring that you are not a victim of bad looking windows. So take a moment and check out our unique process, you will not be sorry with the exceptional quality of Custom Shutters.