Plantation Shutters Made Top Gun Cool


shutterstock_1581503(1)The anxiety is high and your heart is racing at a million miles an hour. You can feel the sweat running down the side of your temple. Concerned that you will hyperventilate, you take slow deep breaths, trying to calm yourself. Then it happened. Like a flash, the spider moved towards you. The next few moments seem to slow down, like a car accident or childbirth. You are holding your shoe and bash your cheap plastic blinds with the heel. Instantly, as if by a magical force, the blinds pop out of the window and onto your head, knocking you to the floor. The struggle is intense but brief and soon you are wrapped up in the old blinds, terrified. Just before you lose consciousness you see the spider happily skittering across the floor.

The Aftermath

You are, no doubt, ready to replace those spider infested blinds after this little incident. The classic choice is to go with a plantation style shutter from Custom Shutters. They harken back to a time when the bathrooms were outside and the bathtubs had feet. Daydreaming, you see a bathtub in a field of wildflowers. Doesn’t it seem like cowboys took baths outside a lot in claw foot bathtubs? And weren’t most of the interior shots of Top Gun lit though plantation shutters? So here is your chance to be like Clint Eastwood or Maverick, only better because your plantation shutters would be custom made.

dreamstime_xxl_30319172Snap Out Of It!

It looks as if the accident has left you a little rattled and thinking a bit crazy. But one thing is for certain the easiest way to get your blinds replaced is to order them custom made from Custom Shutters. Their plantation shutters are made right here in the great state of Texas and are of unsurpassed quality. See what we can do for you and your window coverings today!