Time For Some New Plantation Shutters!


dreamstime_xxl_43242010It is not always apparent when you need new things. As humans, we become complacent to mediocrity. It is like when you walk into your teenage son’s room and it smells like a water buffalo has been living under the bed. The room stinks and he has no idea. Is it because teenage boys generally smell? Well yes, but it is more than likely that he has become used to the smell. So many things in your home become so commonplace that you do not even notice them anymore. It is like when you drive home from work the same way every day, it is difficult to remember even driving home. It is probably the same way with your blinds.

Saggy and Sad Blinds

Your blinds are probably saggy, sad and discolored, like an old head of lettuce that they give to the gorillas at the zoo. They still work but, frankly need some work. Now is the time to upgrade your window coverings to plantations shutters from Custom Shutters. You many not know it but our process is extremely painless and we have been making plantation shutters since 1979. Who can say that? (There may even be footage of our crew dancing to Rod Stewart’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy?) It means that we have had time to perfect our processes and will provide you with the finest American-made blinds available.  

gallery12The Quiz

Not sure if you need new blinds? Well we have compiled yet another list of red flags indicating that you need new blinds.

  1. Can you see outside with the blinds closed?
  2. Has your neighbor ever asked to borrow your new blue cardigan, and never been to your house?
  3. Do you ever feel like you are in a disco ball with your blinds closed?
  4. Have your kids stopped sneaking out at night because the blinds fall down every time they try?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then it is time to call Custom Shutters and ditch those cheap old blinds.