Plantation Shutters, Who Knew It Was So Easy?


Many of us have normal, everyday blinds in our homes. Those cheap, plastic blinds that fade and turn all sorts of colors with age. Maybe you have those origami paper blinds that are almost always stained somewhere. A phantom splash of something from a sippy cup that is only visible from the outside and in the correct planetary alignment. What about the thin drapes that barely cover the windows, leaving your neighbors with a full view of  you making coffee in your underwear. These sound like situations in which new plantation shutters from Custom Shutters are the best bet.

dreamstime_xxl_38547156Made In the USA!

Our plantation shutters are made right here in the USA and feature a bunch of customizable features. Details like hardware, paint color and custom shapes are all things that Custom Shutters offers its customers. We want you to be happy with your plantation shutters and that means giving you the power to choose exactly what you want. Need a set of plantation shutters in all black for your teenage daughter’s room? What shade of black? We can pretty much match any color that the paint companies are making.

All The Colors!

What if you don’t know what color you need exactly but you know that the shutters should match the hardwood floors. Send us a scrap of your hardwood floors and we will paint or stain your shutters to match! Something that most places will charge you extra for is included in the price of your shutters! If you have ever tried to paint a set of shutters then you know how challenging they can be, we can take the hassle out of your interior decorating.


hingesSo here are the steps:  

Contact us today with any and all questions. Bring the classic beauty of plantation shutters into your home with Custom Shutters today!