Why We Are The Best

So you have decided to look for some new blinds. The possibilities are endless and the outlets from which you can get your blinds are also endless. The dizzying array of possibilities is right at your fingertips and lucky you, you’ve found yourself here. Custom Shutters is the premier source for fully personalized custom plantation shutters. We will take your measurements and make a completely unique set of shutters that fit your windows perfectly, what more could you ask for? The beauty of your new shutters is second only to our exemplary customer service; we care about you and are glad you chose to visit!

The Pros

dreamstime_xxl_20208733To reiterate just how our blinds can change the entire look of your home we put together a comprehensive list of things we feel make our shutters the best.

  • The fact that all of our plantation shutters are made with only the finest materials, the beautiful North American Basswood.
  • We craft each and every shutter to your exact specifications utilizing the measurements that you provide.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty for our shutters and stand behind their exceptional quality.
  • We craft our plantation shutters in the great state of Texas and pride ourselves on being a family-owned American company.
  • We custom paint your plantation shutters to match whichever color you desire.
  • We will add custom hardware in decorative finishes to compliment your current decor.

The Cons

dreamstime_xxl_1820983Just like everything in life, our blinds do have areas in which they do not perform very well, such as:

  • They may not be used as a flotation device.
  • Our plantation shutters cannot prevent gingivitis.
  • We are pretty sure that they are not for use in a submarine (but heck, we will give it a shot!).
  • In the event of an alien attack we are fairly confident that your shutters will offer little, if any, protection.

For your home, our plantation shutters will add an element of class and old-world charm. Contact us today for any questions you may have!