Blind Shopping


It is like a sauna in here. The crowds are exceptionally bad today and it is only nine in the morning. You and your husband have been slogging through the blind shopping process for what seems like endless weekends. You started the search at a typical discount store with cheap, plastic blinds, the kind that comedians become hung up in on sitcoms. The next place you looked was one of those home improvement warehouses that claim to be able to fit any kind blinds to your windows. Yeah, the pile of blinds in the discount bin is a testament to the “expertise” of the 19-year-old cutting your blinds. Measure once cut twice.

The Blind Store

dreamstime_xxl_22693920You then checked out the custom blind store right in your hometown. The guy behind the desk wrote an number down on a piece of paper and slid it across to you. The urge to spit your coffee out on the wall was almost too great and you opted to get some air instead. Head still swimming from the exorbitant number, you and your husband ended up at the higher end department store fighting the weekend crowds.


Sound like a fun process?


Of course not!         


That is why Custom Shutters is the easiest way to buy exceptional quality blinds in the country. No fighting crowds, getting sidetracked by a sale on cheese puffs or dealing with estimates that seem better suited for the car dealership.

Set Your Home Apart

dantoparchesWhat sets us apart from the rest of the herd is we make our blinds ourselves, we custom paint your blinds, we custom cut your blinds and we do all of that in the great state of Texas, not some factory overseas. Our blinds will transport you back to a time when the standard was plantation shutters and the light had a way of dancing across the walls. Let Custom Shutters beautify your windows!