dreamstime_xxl_9823888The main reason for the longevity of our custom plantation shutters is our commitment to our customers. Everything stems from that one simple ethos that makes everything worthwhile: Incredible customer service. Our products speak for themselves with exceptional construction and unrivaled beauty. Next time you are in the market for some of the finest blinds available, look no further than Custom Shutters Inc.


A lot has changed in the almost-forty years we have been making our shutters, particularly in fashion. A lot happened in 1979 alongside the founding of Custom Shutters, the music was disco and rock and roll, the year was marked by so much awesome that it is hard to believe that the styles have changed. Well I am not sure but, it is possible that Custom Shutters has actually painted some of our plantation shutters avocado green to match the stove and refrigerator. It is crazy to think about all of the styles of decorating that have come and gone since the eve of the 1980’s. Custom Shutters has always been a competitor in the marketplace. We have always been in style and producing the finest custom plantation shutters available. We can help you make your home as modern as possible with a distinct style of classic beauty.

Classic, Timeless

dreamstime_xxl_23328904The process is extremely simple and hasn’t changed much since 1979 and there are very few things that can make that claim. For instance your ceiling would have looked like the surface of the moon, your carpet was orange and your car had a big screaming eagle on the hood. At Custom Shutters, we have kept up with the times and can make our blinds fit almost any window configuration imaginable. Have an archway in your window? We can cut our blinds to fit. So if you are ready to upgrade your blinds choose Custom Shutters, we guarantee you will “dig it”.