Empty Nest

dreamstime_xxl_3785192College was awesome; like the movies, only better. After eight years you finally attained a double degree in English Composition and Swedish history. The future was as bright as can be and you had the grand ideas that all recent college students have, taking the world by storm and making your mark on society. The reality of the situation is that you have pretty much exhausted all of your job options roughly three months after you started looking. The most promising opportunity is looking like editing phonebooks, not really what you had in mind when you graduated. Don’t just close the blinds and hide, move back in with your parents!

The Ideal Alternative

The worst part about living with your parents is that you have to leave your sweet pad that you share with your buddies. However, the positive aspects to moving in with the folks far outweigh the negatives. I mean, your mom says she misses you right? Do the right thing for them, put aside your own feelings and reclaim your old room. They need you and it is your responsibility, as a son, to move back to your parents. The kitchen is always open, the refrigerator has more in it than mustard and half a bottle of wine, and it is definitely an upgrade from the basement apartment that had tinfoil on the windows.

The Best Gift

Custom plantation shutters handcrafted in Texas!Fast forward a few years and there you are, living with your parents and on a solid career path, that’s right, you finally landed that six-figure Swedish historian job at the American embassy. Why not get your parents something to remember you by, like custom plantation shutters from Custom Shutters Inc? That’s right, show them how much you love them with gorgeous, new window coverings. I mean, it’s not like you paid any rent. Say “thanks, mom and dad” with Custom Shutters and call us today.