Making Memories

shutterstock_114673246(1)Think back to your childhood and the soft light that accompanies the afternoon light. The way the sun’s rays illuminate the dust in the air, slashed into changing patterns from the blinds in the window. It is the kind of scene that brings to mind lazy afternoons, summer vacation and just knowing that life is good. The sense of nostalgia that accompanies feelings like that can be recaptured with custom plantation shutters from Custom Shutters Inc. It is almost magical the way that we are able to recreate the look and feel of your childhood home.


Ok, so maybe we can’t recreate feelings like that, but we guarantee that you will own the most beautiful plantation shutters available. Think of the memories you could create for your children with a gorgeous set of custom shutters. Their little trucks or dolls littering the floor and a soft, afternoon light creating horizontal shadows on the floor. You might take a moment to watch the children play and pause to remember your childhood, those blinds creating the same light and solidifying the same memories.
Safer Alternative
dreamstime_xxl_25305206The process of getting our custom blinds is as easy as measuring the windows, sending it to us and receiving your new blinds. They are the perfect compliment to any child’s room being that they are durable and easy to use. They may even survive a Hot Wheels direct hit! The cheap big-box store blinds certainly serve their purpose, but when you have children you have to think about making everything safe for the little ones. That means the cords on the blinds must be secured each and every time they are used. Our plantation shutters are designed to be easy to use without the addition of chords and other hardware that can be dangerous for your children. Give us a call today and replace those tired, plastic blinds in your home with the classic style of Custom Shutters.