You read the note in the kitchen telling you the kids are gone with their mother. You have just returned from playing an early afternoon round of golf with the guys from work. Even though it is not dark yet you decide, as a present to yourself, to light some candles and take a bath. You pull the blinds down and get in the tub. The soothing sounds of a waterfall wake you from your daze. Little did you know, halfway through filling up the bathtub you fell asleep. Jumping up, you catch the blinds on your arm and rip them down. Standing outside is your neighbor with a hedgetrimmer, staring at a full moon.

Unplanned Repairs

This situation leads one to believe that the blinds in question are cheap plastic and from a big-box store. Regardless of where the shutters came from, they are more than likely of inferior quality. Custom Shutters has the solution to replacing the blinds in your bathroom. Go with our plantation shutters for a classic country style in your bathroom. The handcrafted basswood will accent any bathroom decor, as we will paint it to your exact color. We will match the hardware to your fixtures and we will cut your blinds to order with a guaranteed fit.

Not Just For Your Bathroomshutterstock_1581503(1)

How could you go wrong? If you need new blinds for any room of your home think Custom Shutters. Born in the U.S.A. we are proud to call Texas home. Our quality and beauty will leave you breathless. So take the time to look over our measurement guidelines and let us build you the finest shutters money can buy. We want to be your window covering experts. Please contact us for pricing and ordering guidelines. Don’t leave yourself exposed, let Custom Shutters cover it up!