The Process

The fading light blasts through your cracked, sagging, plastic blinds. The light leaks through creating little spots of sunlight all over the room, the largest hole in your blinds focusing an intense beam directly onto the TV. You resort to covering your blinds with an old fitted sheet. Staring up at your makeshift window covering, you are glad that your friends decided to stay home tonight. Take heart though it is not that bad, Custom Shutters has the solution to your blind issues, but how does the process work?

So Easy!

shutterstock_114673246(1)As they always say, the first step is identifying the problem, well your problem is, inferior big-box store blinds that have been baking in the sun too long. The second step is to measure the windows. I know what you may be thinking but don’t worry it is super easy. You know what they say, measure twice cut once. For the entire procedure follow this link but allow me to explain it a bit. Let’s say that you have a window that is not a very popular size, say 40 inches in width and 49 inches in height. It would be nearly impossible to find blinds to fit at a warehouse store.     


So you are ready to put your tape measure to work, well, let’s get busy! Following the diagram to the right, start at the bottom left corner and measure in the three spots (Numbers 1-3)  in the vertical direction. Got it? Of course you do! Now, start in the top left corner and measure three positions (Numbers 4-6) down on the horizontal plane. Guess what? You are almost done. Now to measure the depth. Find the area of the window that sticks out the furthest and measure out to the edge of the wall. That’s it! Send us the measurements and we will send you a quote. Who would have thought? Almost painless.