Are Your Blinds Toasted?

The breakfast table is quiet now. Pieces of toast sit idle in the sunlight streaming through the blinds. Your family has made a hasty exit and cleaning up breakfast simply did not happen. As you walk into the office you remember the pieces of toast and wonder if the cat will get them. Meanwhile at home, the cat jumps up on the table and steals away with the toast. Seeing this, the dog decides that the toast is his and a chase ensues. The cat jumps to the window sill, the dog lunges and pulls down the blinds. The cat jumps to the back of the couch, the dog lunges and rips the blinds down. The cat jumps to another window sill and becomes caught in the blinds, ripping them down. You arrive home and discover the cat, sleeping next to the dog and destroyed window coverings; the piece of toast sitting in the middle of the floor.  

Time For An Upgradegallery12

Things like this happen… don’t they? Although it will make for a good story someday, the fact of the matter is, it is probably time to upgrade those blinds. What better time to contact us at Custom Shutters LLC? We can take your home to a whole new level with our plantation shutters. You will enjoy value, good looks and the made-in-USA quality of custom shutters.

Custom Crafted

Our blinds are an accent to the beauty and comfort of your home. We make them ourselves here in Texas and ship them anywhere you desire. If you recently acquired a french castle and need new blinds we can help! We offer only the finest crafted blinds. So send us your information for a quote. Oh, and next time don’t forget to clean up after breakfast.