The Crash

The light of the car pulling up the driveway flashes on the wall. Your daughter has been on a date and it is just about curfew. He is a nice kid but come on, it’s your little girl. You hear them on the porch and decide to peek out the window. Slowly you part the cheap, plastic blinds with your finger, just as he leans in for a kiss. The crash is deafening in the the quiet house and your daughter looks in the window, mortified. Your cheap blinds have come out of the mounts and crashed to the floor. Now this may seem like the ideal boyfriend deterrent but this tragedy could have been prevented with a set of custom plantation shutters from Custom Shutters LLC.

Time To Upgradeleier

The aging blinds in your home are probably in need of replacement; and if not, isn’t it time to upgrade the look of your window coverings? Plantation shutters are the ideal complement to any design scheme that you have in your home. They harken back to a time when the value of hard work and quality was evident in everyday products. We believe in the same philosophy. Hard work and quality construction.  

Just For You

We are proud of the fact that we take all of the little details and are able to craft a custom window covering to your specifications. Need neon green paint? We have you covered. Want stainless steel hardware? We can do that too! So take a moment to read about our process and begin dreaming of your new blinds!