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It’s early morning, the summer sun still floats just below the horizon and the cool of the evening is slowly retreating into the corners of your home. The blue tint of early morning gives way to the golden rays of the day. Walking to the window, you pull on the chord and the cheap plastic blinds slip out of the mounts and hit the floor to reveal your neighbor in her flowerbed…. and you in your underwear. Sound familiar? Do you need new blinds? Would your neighbors thank you for getting new blinds? It seems you have found the right place my friend.

Custom Blindsbath

When you truly make your house a home it is natural to overlook the blinds. The standard is cookie-cutter, cheap-plastic, ill-fitting, horizontal blinds. You and your home deserve better. Blinds come in many different configurations and the most striking are referred to as plantation shutters. Plantation shutters allow the light to cascade over your home in soft comforting patterns. The traditional look beautifully compliments hardwood floors and antique furniture just as well as more contemporary furnishings.

The Difference Is In The Construction

At Custom Shutters LLC we have been making the finest custom blinds for thirty seven years. We know quality. Please take a moment to view our gallery and see just how passionate we are about making your home truly beautiful. Handcrafted with the finest materials our blinds are built to last. Our customers are family and we aim to provide the highest level of customer service. We appreciate you stopping by and God Bless.